Backdrop Goreng Garang

Beyonce have a stage name or what she calls alter ego. Sacha Fierce? Like an average person, I do have a liking for beautiful things. If you have not already notice, I like capturing photographs of my rabbits and most of the time with interesting backdrops. After yesterday’s photography session, I went into a backdrop rampage.

If I have an alter ego for this rage for backdrop it would be “Backdrop Goreng Garang” or simply translated means “Fierce Backdrop Fryer” – ROFL. Sheer nonsense I know…

Let’s see what I have been frying up today. Poor little Miracle became my camwhore but he was such a good boy that knew what was required of him. Got the job done in a few minutes.

The Ladybug and Mushroom theme

The Bubble theme

The Meadow theme

The Random Pattern theme

Now let’s vote for your favorite:


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