Happy Easter!

For many, Easter symbolizes LIFE and for some parts of the world, Easter coincides with Spring. Spring is the season when flowers bloom and the meadows come alive! For some traditions, the rabbit and eggs are symbols of fertility and abundance during Easter. For Christians around the world, Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection and that in itself represents LIFE.

It is said that during Easter, many tend to buy rabbits to be kept as pets and most of the time, the outcome may not be a happy one (for the rabbits). The little bunnies soon out grow their cuteness and we soon find them in the shelters.

We really need to take some time to think about it and not buy pets on impulse. Whenever we think of getting a pet, we must first find out if the pet is a perfect fit into our lifestyle. We must ensure that we are able to accommodate and care for another life in our daily routine.

I recently visited the horse stable and I could see that the horses there are really happy as they are all well taken care of. In my opinion, a healthy horse is one with flesh and their rib bones are not visible.

Having a good time at the stable

Around the same time, I learn from a friend living at the heart of the Kuala Lumpur city that she and her friends found a horse roaming in the housing estate. And looking at the condition of the horse (through photos), it seemed to be pretty skinny and neglected.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Besides from the skinny horse, I believe looking at the picture, anyone would feel that it is an inappropriate place to have a horse. Roaming around a housing estate, the horse is at risk of getting hit by a car or injuring someone if it goes into a rampage due to the stress and fear. The environment is not conducive for a horse and it is clear that it has not been given the correct diet it needs to thrive.

My friend and a few other good Samaritans have since transported this horse to a proper location in hope that it will soon recover from its emaciated condition and also to live out its life as a normal horse. They have also given a name to this horse – Dixie.

This is much better!

This is not the first time I have heard of horses ended up in housing estates but I hope we do not have to see more of this in future. As I mentioned, we must first know the basic needs of a pet and if we are able to provide it with a good environment to thrive. Some pets live shorter lives while others longer, their lifespan must also be taken into consideration as our commitment and responsible for them last as long as they are alive.

I urge everyone to do your part in saving a life. Whether you choose to buy or adopt, ensure that you are able to provide your pet with the best and for as long as it lives.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Have a Blessed Easter!


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