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Random Updates

Nothing much to write about today except that the kits have started munching on hay, pellets and drinking water from the world. They look so cute perched up on the hanging water bowl.

I am quite excited as two of Noobie’s kits has been booked. Seychel & Milkyway that is. I am very pleased with these 2 people who booked for many reasons. One of which is I felt that with the spay/neuter policy in place, the quality of owner that inquires really leap from zero to hero (if I could use this phrase this way-LOL). I know for sure my rabbits will be well loved pets because these new owners want them as pets, exclusively. Another reason is because these owners is willing to wait till the kits turn 6 months and only to collect them after the spay/neuter procedure.

I believe the wait is worth it. I have learned myself that patience in the essence with Holland Lops.

I also realized that many would see me as one who is selfish by not allowing others to breed. That is totally untrue. I can easily set apart a breeder for quality from one that breeds without consideration or whatsoever. Why am I so obsessed with this breeding issue you may ask. It is very simple. The development of Holland Lop started in the 1970s. This mean that to get what we have today, breeders have put in not only the years but also a lot of effort on research and of course tons of monies on the betterment of the breed. If the rabbits fall into the hands of irresponsible breeders that could not care less about the quality, we will end up having overpopulation of mixed breeds and that will spell abandonment of these poor creatures. Not to mention the 30 over years effort goes down the drain in just split seconds. Yes, it is that fast judging how fast a rabbit mates and we have so often hear all about those “accidents”.

We need to stand firm on this. The accidents should not happen if we are well aware of our pets. Accidents may well be a convenient excuse not to admit our mistakes. Most of the time if not all the time, accidental matings could well be avoided if you give a little more care to our pets. But we also give ourselves the excuse that animals should be given the rights to their natural behavior. They need to experience the entire circle of life. That is acceptable for wild rabbits or animals in the Savannah. The animals threatened to the brink of extinction has got more rights to live out their full circle of life than our pets.

If we must allow natural order of things to take place with our pets, they would not be called pets. My stand is, breeding can only take place if only improvement is the only objective. Nothing more & nothing less. We strive to pass on the highest of quality as pets.

Therefore, my intention is, for everyone to have a pet rabbit of superior quality and at the price of a pet. So please don’t hate me for labeling all my rabbits as Pet Quality because at the end of the day, that’s my main objective. Deserving people should be given good stuff that they truly deserve.

I am really enjoying how things are moving at the moment. TLR is scheduling for the first spay under the new policy somewhere this week. More to follow suit.

That’s all I have to say on this beautiful Wednesday morning. Have a nice day!



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