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Updates on Charlyz, Eclipse & BlueBerry

Thanks to Kak Azian for these wonderful photos of the trio. After this post, I no longer need to write updates on them anymore. That is because, we’ve got a new bunny blogger in the house. Please visit http://lazzybunny.wordpress.com.

Here’s the trio:


This is the blue version of Michelin Tyres. LOL!!!!!


Look at those stumpy legs! Cuteness!

For your information, I was told that Charlyz has her own Teddy Bear and she smells like strawberry. LOL! Totally spoiled rotten this little girl. Again, like Moesha, I like how thick she turned out to be.



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Updates on Tru-Luv Moesha

No words could describe. Just look at her!

Thanks Ann for these photos:




Susie, you were right! I should have waited a little longer. But I have no regrets. Look at how well kept she is. LOL. Ann, you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!


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Must Reads for Show Breeders: Chest & Shoulder

This is the interpretation of what I understand through my research. Experts out there please do advice through comments if what I have written below is inaccurate.

The show Holland Lop must look massive in general. How do we interpret the massiveness? While in pose, a rabbit in question should be squared with both front legs apart. If both the front legs does not seemed to be apart, it may be an indication of narrow shoulder. Short, stumpy and thick front legs is a good indication that the rabbit has thickness of bone.

Another desired trait of a show Holland Lop is the depth of chest. What does this mean? The head should sit nicely with the chin resting on the chest. The chest should nicely curve from the chin all the way down to the legs.

I know it is very difficult to imagine through words. So let me just brief you through using a photos of Miller’s Carmel as an example. Hope you get what I mean.


Carmel’s head is nicely tucked/nestled on top of her chest. That indicates the depth of chest which is desirable. And notice that both her front legs are set apart and that indicated that she has got nice broad shoulder.

I shall be writing about topline and ears in the next post.


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