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When Kits Come Out & Play

Seychel, Camior and Milkyway is 3 weeks old now. They are extremely cute. I let them out to play for the first time while I did a semi spring cleaning this morning. I must say, the new setup is much easier to clean as I have the space to work with. Here are some photos of them and a video too.


Camior seemed to be meditating a lot this morning. Camior’s a she (tentatively).


This photo does not justify how cute Milkyway looks.¬† He is really cute! Did I mention he? Yes, I believe Milkyway’s a boy…the only boy among the 4.


Chocolate Fondue with Cream in a bowl anyone? Seychel’s a girl!

Hare raisin’ Havoc?

And Truffles’ almost 5 weeks old.




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