Rabbitry Prefix

I am practically laughing my *ss off right now while rolling on the floor at 100 mph – LOL!

I came across some wannabe websites/blogs that uses their own rabbitry prefixes on rabbits that aren’t bred by them. Let me give you an example. Let’s say someone buys Tru-Luv Sibylla from me, the rabbitry prefix should remain as Tru-Luv not Wannabe Sibylla!

It really cracks me up and baffles me when I see some so called “breeders” buying some rabbits that does not come with any predigrees putting up their rabbitry name as prefixes. Totally embarrassing.

The rule of thumb is, these prefixes are suppose to tell others of the origin of the rabbits. It tells people who their breeders were.

When I purchase 2 rabbits from different rabbitries, it does not mean that they take on the prefix of my rabbitry just because I am the owner. The prefix will always remain as the breeder’s rabbitry name.

Only when I breed these 2 rabbits, their offspring will carry my rabbitry’s prefix. For example, if I breed Clark to Haley, Clark remains as Miller’s Clark and Haley remains as Ivy Crescent’s Haley. Their babies will have the prefix Tru-Luv because they are the product of my choices for breeding. That means that I deliberately breed Haley to Clark through conscious decision.

It is as simple as that and you do not go about putting your prefix on every single bunny that you purchase. And you do not go using other rabbitry’s prefix either!

And most importantly, you do not fake the rabbit names & prefixes on the pedigree!

Get it right, WANNABE!


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