Happy Chinese New Year 2010 Everyone!

I believe that I finally have something long to write and with loads of photos. Since it is a joyous occasion, I would like to spend some extra time posting a long one. This is my birthday treat to everyone!

First up, I am sure all of you remember this post and will definitely remember this photo:

I am glad to announce that after almost 5 months and 2 litter of babies, THUNDER IS BACK!

Ohh La La!

A little more and he'll be complete!

Isn't he CUTE?

And I wonder how many of the little torts would be like him. Either way, I am pretty sure they will be good stuff!

They just can't stop moving!

Sibylla is growing up pretty too. Right now she has a little “drain” in the middle of her head where the white patch is. There is a huge crater on top of her head in between the ear cartilages.

Can't wait for her to finish her molt

Since I setup my backdrop near where the FurryButts are, I just can’t resist the temptation to snap a few photos of them too. First up was Buttons. She is so huge that she practically took up the entire platform. She is approximately 4x Sibylla’s size. If she gets any bigger, she can pass as a Flemish Giant. She is just so nice to cuddle with. So much meat!

And she can pose too!

Bailey on the other hand is a very shy boy. I think he misses Hans a lot and part of his confidence seemed to have faded away. I take time to handle him everyday for at least 10 minutes but there isn’t much improvements. He loves his little box very much.

Shy guy

Then we have little Yohji boy. It seemed like yesterday when Yohji was born. It was a very cold rainy morning. Unix had her little of 6, let me recall their names Yohji, Bandie, Adinna, Floppie, Mirrhi & Kiki! Their father was Lumix. It was Unix’ 1st litter and all of them survived.



It was my first attempt to develop the Holland Lops using the local lop ears and I must say looking at Yohji, I was pretty close. He has nice crown and has decent bone on him. He could easily pass off as a normal or brood buck.

Yohji the vain pot!

Another cute shot of him

I should have added some mandarin oranges as props but I believe Buttons and Yohji is “orangy” enough for such a joyous occasion.

Here wishing everyone A Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai and travel safe throughout this festive season!



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3 responses to “Happy Chinese New Year 2010 Everyone!

  1. HAPPY CNY Tim & family!!! Catch you guys sometime this week 🙂 Thanks for spending time with Bailey, he really needs it.

  2. yueyi

    furry butts bunnies are lovely..

    hohoho..thunder is coming back..but his colour seemed bit different..i love his cute cheeks..wanna picit his chubby cheeks

  3. Hey FB Yohji! There u’re! Hehehe. Miss u guys!

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