For the past few days/weeks, there has been some confusion with the formation of rabbit clubs. I just wanted to take this opportunity to clear the air by letting everyone know that MROC is short for Malaysian Rabbit Owners’ Club. It is in fact a club for anyone who owns rabbit(s) be it pet owners, hobbyist breeders or even people who wants to own rabbits.

As it stands, we are still awaiting for the approval from Registrar of Societies (ROS) before we are able to recruit members. The application is now being processed and we will be getting the approval soon.

My hardworking committee and I would like to urge fellow rabbit owners to give us some time to get this sorted out and we promise that it will be worth the wait. Many events and activities has been planned in the pipeline and as all of you can see, the ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Shows is one of those events that is currently taking shape. And on top of that, it is organized by MROC committee members and some faithful volunteers at the moment as we have yet to recruit any members.

Again, please know that the 1st & 2nd MROC ARBA Sanctioned Open All Breed shows that is to take place on 4th of June 2011 is solely organized by MROC and supported by a number of sponsors namely American Pet Diner and Pet World Malaysia 2011.

MROC does not have another name other than MROC.

I hope this will dispel all the confusions among rabbit owners.

Thank you for your time reading.


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