Don’t Leave Home Without A Mask This Weekend!

There will be quite a crowd at a certain place this weekend. Some of us are still contemplating whether or not to make an appearance at this place. The Influenza A (H1N1) virus has since made its debut in Malaysian shore through the many “import” cases. Someone even wrote about how our officials are reckless is allowing people to pass through the gates without proper screening in an article entitled No Wonder A (H1N1) Cases Are On The Rise. I am sure they are even allowing air passengers from high risk areas/countries to pass through without any proper screening and only to recall them when there are reported cases of infections.

Maybe that’s just because most of the people on the airplanes are foreigners and as I have mentioned how friendly Malaysians are, we rather keep a blind eye whenever we see a tall/dark/beautiful/handsome caucasian walking through our arrival halls.

I will definitely not take chances this time if I have to be there with my friends and I would like to urge everyone and everybun to do the same. Here is how we’re gonna do it….

Wear Your Masks Everybun!

Wear Your Masks Everybun!

Make sure you know where your guests are from. No offense but just as a precautionary measure, here’s the latest projection by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention:

FluView courtesy of

FluView courtesy of

And by the way, I just can’t find a nicer map with statistics compared to this one and I definitely do not mean to defame anyone or country in particular.

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