No Show For Symphony

I would like to apologize for lack of interesting contents lately. Didn’t I tell you that this is my journal and the window to my life raising Holland Lops in Malaysia? This is my brain’s dump site, where I just type out whatever that is on my mind after a hard day’s work.

There are always ups and downs in life but after you cross the bridge, you can see light after the tunnel they say. So on a very happy note, I just wanted to write a little dedication to my little doe, Symphony. She has grown into a beautiful young lady. I was conditioning her for the rabbit show but I guess she is not meant to participate in the show. That’s because she’s expecting! This is her first litter and I am very excited! She had a date with LTD’s Dimsdale and the rest they say, is history.

So since Symphony can’t be there to greet everyone with her little feet and chin up, I would love to show her off through photos here.

The day she was born...

Such a sweetheart she is...

The day baby Symphony opened her eyes and saw the world for the very first time

This was the "The One" moment. Let me elaborate more below.

The missus seldom pay attention during my bunny photo session. But she stopped and jaw wide opened when she saw this little baby posing naturally for me. In the USA, they call stunning rabbits show stoppers but Symphony was a missus stopper – LOL!

Here's the side view. If only Holland Lops remain this size and cuteness for life...

And twas the night before Christmas...

She started to periscope on queue (touching her chin)...

From another angle...

Celebrating her first Chinese New Year with us while going through the uglies...

And now she is all matured and soon to be a mother herself, I hope everything will be smooth for her and while she stays back home, she shall cheer her brothers and sisters on…

Symphony today...

My beautiful Symphony!



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9 responses to “No Show For Symphony

  1. Very nice, Tim! Loved seeing the photos of her from birth forward! I wish you all the best at your show next week, I am confident you and your rabbits will have an extremely successful day!

  2. CikguSyah

    Awesome! She’s really beautiful. Good luck for her and for you.

  3. muzapar hj baba

    How sweet.. 🙂

  4. Louisa

    your babies are all very gorgeous and in good condition.
    they look so chubby and cuddly hope to see more post about them:)

  5. YL

    Your Symphony is so cute!

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