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Keeping The Herd Clean & Odourless!

“Rabbit have an offensive smell” is already a thinking of the past. Through the years and with good education/awareness, we have all learn how to keep “the stench” at bay. We now uses litter tray for our lovely pet bunny and that has helped a lot in terms of cleanliness in their husbandry.

All my rabbits are raised indoors and raising them the way I do, I am very particular with cleanliness. As you can see through most of the photos that I have posted, I like my rabbits to be “squeeky” clean! If they are partly white, I will make sure that there will not be any yellow stain on them. A clean rabbit will always be favourable on the show tables and that is what I would like to achieve as a Show Breeder as well.

In the past, just one (1) rabbit will produce “the stench” so strong and repulsive, poor bunny soon gets to the bottom of the priority list. I have quite a number of rabbits and they are all kept indoors. That only means one thing – they must be odourless!

How do I ensure my rabbits are clean and odourless?

My rabbits are kept in very clean environment and they hardly dirty their fur. But when they do, I turn to Natural Pet’s UltraCoat Dry Shampoo for Small Animals.

Natural Pet UltraCoat Dry Shampoo for Small Animal

It is pretty easy to use and the results are pretty remarkable. I would like to just take some time to show you how this product is used and how effective it is. I shall also use photos to illustrate the process – just 5 simple steps!

This is BEFORE (Some bunny's dirty bum)

Step 1: Brush lightly to loosen up the fur

Step 2: Apply Dry Shampoo

Step 3: Rub into soiled/damp fur

Step 4: Brush off powder gently

Step 5: Enjoy your bunny's beautiful bum and don't go sniffing his/her bum!!!

WHERE TO GET? – of course! For just RM 25.

For more information about Natural Pet UltraCoat Dry Shampoo for Small Animal please read the brochure.

Now that I have taken care of the “external”, the next thing would be to get rid of the odour/odor. There are a few types of unpleasant odors namely mouth, body, urine and fecal. Is there just one product that can take care of all these? YES, and the answer is Natural Pet Deodorant Pellet for Small Animal. I have taken the time to test this product and found that it is very effective. I did a sampling testing with one of my rabbits and the result is marvellous!

A 20g bottle can last approximately two (2) weeks for just one (1) rabbit. It retails for RM 20 per bottle over at

For more information about Natural Pet Deodorant Pellet for Small Animal please read the brochure.

I hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience over at We are now giving away a Mystery Gift for every 100th order through the webstore. Our order numbers are system generated and for example, if you make purchase online and upon confirmation, receive an order number 100, 200, 300 or so on, you will be given a free gift worth more than RM10!

Happy Shopping Everyone!


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Say What?

It is always nice to keep in touch with Tru-Luv rabbit owners. Every once in a while I receive very encouraging and happy messages from my buyers and adopters. I recently received one that brightens up my day and it reads:

“Baby is a joy!! We brag about her to anyone who would listen!! She’s a diva, picky about her fresh vege and has attitude but at the same time, she is perfectly toilet trained! Would come on command, would play n would snuggle with her head on my lap… Etc etc. Friends n family are amazed by her puppy likeness! Keep in touch!”

This is not the first time that I am told that a Tru-Luv rabbit is like a puppy. I was told by a few others that their Tru-Luv bunny will jump up the bed and snuggle up for the night. The best part is, they will still go back to their potty for business! Happiness is what they say it is, “PRICELESS”!

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To You, With Luv

So with everybunny in mind, here’s some good deal from all of us here at Hope all of you will enjoy these special offers that we have put much effort into materializing. Please click on each image to ORDER ONLINE!

Smaller For Your Convenience - 1kg packet of wood pet litter to last approximately 3 weeks for 1 bunny!

An economical package:

Rabbit raising has never been so economical!

For the Juniors:

A Premium Package for Juniors below 6 months!

A Premium Package with Cuni Complete for more fibrous compliment to your Junior's diet!

For the Seniors:

A Premium Package for the Seniors

A Premium Package catered for the Seniors with Cuni Complete for more fibrous compliment in their diet!

For the old, inactive & overweight:

A Premium Package to balance up bunny's diet!

A Premium Package to balance up bunny's diet with Cuni Complete to provide more fibrous content!

So as you can see, we have given much thoughts to cater for your bunny’s needs as he/she grow and enter into each phase of life. We have also made it much more convenient and accessible. FREE SHIPPING for all these items within PENINSULA MALAYSIA. I really do have to apologize to our friends/brothers/sisters from Sabah/Sarawak as we are unable for borne the shipping cost at this moment. We will try our best to bring these products over to East Malaysia in the future.

Thank you all for your support and Happy Shopping!


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New Header

So how do you like our new Header Picture up there?

If you look closely, it is a mosaic of most (if not all) of Tru-Luv rabbits throughout the 5 years that I have raised Holland Lops. There has been some repetition in there as the picture is made up of more than 2000 small pieces. I have not kept 2000 rabbits in 5 years – ROFL!

This new header is to commemorate 5 years of Tru-Luv Rabbitry which falls on 18th June 2012. I really wish I could do something much more interesting on this wonderful day. We shall see when the time comes.

I realized that it has been a while since a good post has been written. That is life I guess as inspirations come and go. Some days are filled with words and other days we only have images on mind. Perhaps in our daily struggles and challenges, we might have lost sight of our objectives and goals. Or maybe time is not on our side to allow us to achieve those goals/objectives.

After visiting the convention at Indy, my views on things have changed. My priorities have definitely shifted a little. As much as Holland Lops are my passion, I find myself looking forward to seeing my dear friends again. Whenever I miss my friends, I would go through the video that I made or those photos taken during that trip.

It is sad sometimes that I feel that I do not belong here. The only thing that still inspires and makes me happy is knowing the fact that there are good bunny owners out there. The only few are those that I cherish most though we seldom meet up. It is really strange because we all live very near each other. I think we really need to have a hangout place for all rabbit owners. We should all come together to talk rabbits all day long – without any hidden agenda or intention.

The USA is so huge and even there is a show during the weekends, many people drive for hours just to come together to have fun.

Well, at least this is something to think about, for now…


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Let Us Pray

Have a nice weekend. Don’t forget to get some Hay!

Please keep us safe....


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Most Affordable Timothy Hay In Town!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

RM 40 for 2kg of TinyCritterz Timothy Hay. FREE SHIPPING within Malaysia (Peninsula, Sabah & Sarawak)

Click on image to ORDER TODAY!

Please purchase online! While stocks last!

Click on Clarkie's nose to order TODAY!


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Tribute to Whitney Houston

Today the world mourns for the greatest female singer of our time – Ms. Whitney Houston  (August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012). I must admit that she has touched my life and many more around the world.

Two kits born today and they shall be called Whitney & Houston in memory of the greatest singer of all time!

R.I.P. Whitney Houston.

Songs that has inspired me throughout my life:


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It’s A Hay-py Party!

I can smell it in the air. It is EVERYWHERE! Hay is everywhere in this place!!! What is happening?

Just before you move forward, please LIKE our facebook page – is having a super great deal for all RESIDING IN MALAYSIA with small animals requiring quality Timothy Hay. To gear up for this HAY FRENZY, we have been working out butts off over the weekend and the outcome….

One of the heaps of 1kg Timothy Hay packets!

YES! Heaps and heaps of 1kg packets of Timothy Hay!

2KG of Timothy Hay for only RM 40 (inclusive of shipping within Peninsula, Sabah & Sarawak) !!!

Only applicable to orders through and for Malaysians only! Click on the cute bunny's nose to order today!

Why are we doing this? It is mainly motivated by how we feel as rabbit owners not being able to get access to the essentials at reasonable prices and after all, why spend so much on grass?!

We are now trying to make it affordable and accessible for all pet owners out there to get quality Timothy Hay at the most affordable prices. And mind you, there has been a lot of hard work put into packing the Hay as we go through every packet stringently to ensure no “foreign objects” are found. In short, we hand pack every single packet!

Click here to order today and have a Hay-py Party!!!

Isn't the new label fabulous?

LUV is so in the air today my friends…give your pets the LUVIN’ they deserve!

Now, I’ll leave you to more easy listening.

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This Puts A Smile On My Face

When one decides to do something out of passion, most of the time there is nothing much to be expected in monetary terms. Like a teacher once told me, the happiest moment of her life is to be invited as a guest to one of her students from Kindergarten. She is the only person that her student has remembered among all his teachers. That is such a huge recognition.

I happen to dig up some old photos that I have since I started my journey raising Holland Lops. It was back in year 2006 (this blog started in 2007). It was so interesting to see all the baby bunny photos and it does bring back a lot of fond memories. Last weekend, I have the “wonderful moment” when one of my first litter from my first imported buck came back for boarding due to an emergency back home.

Tridus (early 2008)

Tinga and her litter mates in mid 2008

Boy how much have they grown and how well they have been taken care of. Look at the both of them makes me super happy and continues to inspire me to find good homes for my baby bunnies. After all these years, not only both these little babies have grown but the friendship between my family and theirs have also blossomed (not to mention grown in numbers too!).

Anyway, here’s a picture of Tridus and Tinga taken today. And for your information, both of them are neutered and living a very happy life together!

Tridus (left) & Tinga (right)

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Tru-Luv Oh Baby, Tru-Luv Oh Baby…

I just figured out that the name Tru-Luv could have been came out of my subconscious mind. When I was younger, I have heard of this song but it didn’t struck me until yesterday that it came on the radio. To be honest, Madonna is one of my favourite music artists. The song I am talking about is…

Tru-Luv Oh Baby….


Tru-Luv Oh Baby….


All together now!

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