Professional Grooming

The moment Rachel saw this post, she knew that I needed a lot of help. Since then, she has been asking me when I’ll be able to allow her to help me. I have been procrastinating for the longest time until recently I felt the temperature rising in Klang Valley. I personally have not been sweating so much until recently. If I am without fur and feeling so uncomfortable, it must be hard on the rabbits I thought.

Finally, I committed myself to arrange for a grooming session and have Rachel come over and work her wonders on the bucks. Rachel has been placing well in the local grooming competitions but the catch is, she’s a pro with dogs. In my opinion, any pro groomer can be much better than me in the grooming department. Rachel brought her grooming equipments with her in a huge box and it weighs heavier than Thunder and Clark put together – LOL!

As we’re working against time (she has only approximately 3 hours to spare), we quickly set off to work. Clark was first and being her first bunny grooming session, it took us a good 1 hour to get him done.

Since Rachel is very familiar with grooming dogs, I gave her a task to groom the bucks similar to how she would groom a Miniature Schnauzer – LOL! I told her I would love to see Thunder and Clark in SKIRTS too!

And that is exactly what Rachel did..

Rachel working on Clark

Another person that can strike a good conversation with my rabbits!

The end results are absolutely MARVELOUS!!! It is pretty obvious that the bucks love it too! They have extra ventilation – LOL!

GrrrRrr...Sexy Back!

He really looks like a PUPPY DOG now!

Thank you so much Rachel for spending precious time grooming at TLR! We shall see you soon!



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6 responses to “Professional Grooming

  1. eli

    is your friend rachel for hire? think both hector and dusty need a nice grooming session 😛

  2. she’s good!!!! they both look so hensem!!! i wanna engage her service too!!

  3. J&J

    🙂 .. love the skirts!

  4. yueyi

    wahhhh..rachel give u house call summo..good job reanne…the bucks looks unique…

    your terror shaver thunder picture is still fresh in my mind..LOL!

  5. If her service is for hire, we want too! a B&W buck here is in a huge mess now!

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