It was really hard today cleaning up the rabbitry. Just looking at Clark’s empty cage break my heart all over again. It is so hard for me not to fold an extra piece of newspaper to line his litter tray.

I just cannot forget how handsome he was even in his passing, he was such a beautiful little boy.

I miss you Clark. Beth asked me why you’re not here today. I told her we sent you to the cemetery and she asked, “Dad, what’s SEMITREE?”. Isn’t she funny?

I remembered one time how you gave a shock and later I was laughing really hard. Remember that day when you acted like such a pig digging into the pellets so fast that you got one stuck in your nose? You were having greenish snots and that gave me a scare. Then I realized you inhaled a piece of pellet through the nose and that was so funny.

You must be really having fun binky-ing all around at rainbow bridge right now.


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  1. sorry to hear about this 😦

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