Good Show!

We all had so much fun. That’s one of the things that I can say about the 1st and 2nd ARBA Open All Breed Rabbit Show that was held in conjunction with the Pet World Malaysia 2011 event. Kudos to the group of breeders and enthusiasts collectively known as Malaysia Rabbit Club for making this event such a success. And it was a pleasure having Mr. Randy and Mr. Allen to judge for us. Congratulations to all winners!

I am glad to have participated together with a group of friends and we are so happy to meet new friends both locally and also from overseas.

The BIS for both shows went to an awesome Holland Lop!

There were 128 rabbits in total and here’s the breakdown:

Netherland Dwarfs – 33

Holland Lops – 57

Dwarf Hotot – 4

Mini Rex – 6

Jersey Woolly – 3

Non-pedigree Local Breed – 25

I am glad that my Holland Lops did pretty well and I am really contented with all the placing my rabbits obtained. Let’s look at some photos shall we?

The break down of each Holland Lop Class is:


1. Solid Senior Buck – 18 rabbits

2. Solid Senior Doe – 7 rabbits

3. Solid Junior Buck – 4 rabbits

4. Solid Junior Doe – 3 rabbits

5. Broken Senior Buck – 8

6. Broken Senior Doe – 8

7. Broken Junior Buck – 4

8. Broken Junior Doe – 5

Kindness. What a pleasant surprise from her. I decided on a last minute switch for her to replace Symphony proved to be a good move. Picked Best of Variety and moved on to be Best Opposite Sex of Breed for Show A under Randy Shumaker. There were 7 rabbit in the Broken Senior Doe variety. In Show B, she took 2nd of her class out of 8 rabbits.

Faith was picked for BOSV for both shows. She took #1 out of 9 rabbits in her class.

Izzie entered into the Solid Junior Doe variety and got #2 out of 3 rabbits in Show A and #1 SJD in Show B.

Roscoe took 3/4 for Show A and 2/4 for Show B

Carmel took 4/7 in Show A and 5/8 on Show B.

Haley was 5/7 in Show A and 3/8 in Show B.

Puffin was 3/3 in Show A and 2/3 in Show B.

I can't remember how Trudle did but it was a good placing for a home grown competing with all the imports.

Balian was 9/18 for Show A and 7/13 for Show B.

Thunder got 5/18 for Show A and 4/13 for Show B.

Besides from meeting and hanging out with local bunny friends, I also had the opportunity to meet our friends from Indonesia. Such honour to have them attend rabbit shows held here in Malaysia. Here are some of the memorable photos that I have taken throughout the show.

Ribbons up for grabs!

Friends from Gembala Kelinci, Jakarta!


Randy picking Kindness for BOSB

The Moment

Another one of Faith

Randy judging Thunder

Randy Shumaker the judge for Show A

Together with Kindness and Randy

A ribbon for BOSB!

Allen Mesick the judge for Show B

Allen judging Carmel

Best In Show judging...


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