Let’s get the club going!!!

Just want to thank Ken for inspiring me on this. Thanks for reading my posts and reaching out to me in this treacherous journey fighting for the cause of Quality. You are right that it will be hard to fight alone and suggested a club to be filled with people who are passionate and enthusiastic about RABBITS!

I didn’t know my posts for the past few days sounded depressing but it is true. I was unhappy until I figured out the new Sales Policy. Right after posting it, I was so relieved as I have found a long term solution best for TLR, the breed and the community at large. Thanks to Ken again for his wonderful sharing. He is also making a difference and also making waves in the CAT industry. One of the best Maine Coon breeders in Malaysia. Check his work out at http://ice-coon.com/. You can see almost the entire policy is an adaptation from this website. I met Ken through Alicia of Pet Epicure. Great peeps!

Here goes, the club will not be a success without you PASSIONATE & ENTHUSIASTIC people. A club need not to be registered. Let’s start taking baby steps so we can start running soon.

Please join this Facebook group. We shall organize some stuff to enjoy the company and bunnies. Who knows we might even start a little show for all rabbits regardless of pure or mixed breeds.

Click the link below:

Malaysia For Quality Rabbits Club


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