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Here’s a video of Thunder roaming around the house this evening. It was his day out today. Not only does he look like a little mini bulldog, he acts like a dog as well.

Here’s a video of Beth playing with Woody Pet pellets rather than bunnies with Ladee running mad around the house. LOL!




Synchronized posing…







And I also received a few photos from Alicia of Pet Epicure. Luna is enjoying her life with Monty. Just look at how the children love and are loved by the pets. Great parenting skills!







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8 responses to “Videos & Photos

  1. lazybunnys

    wow.. what a peacefull place this Blog is.. with small childrens and rabbits..

  2. omg! the bunnies n ur kids r so cutie ^^ :wub:

    u not scared d bunny poop on ur kids ar?

    • Charles,

      Those are Alicia’s (Pet Epicure) Children. Super cute right? They are really adorable in person. So much love to give and share. My daughter Beth adores them. Rabbits can be easily toilet trained and usually do not relief themselves out of their living quarters. They are a whole load of fun to have. You have any rabbits of your own?

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  3. OMG…Kian’s damn cute…

  4. farah

    i miss seychel..she’s getting bigger
    huuhuhhu thanks tim

  5. I love seeing the photos of bunny kits and Alicia’s kids with their pets.

    And Thunder.. LOL! I just can stop laughing watching he running and the ears flip-flopping when he runs! Run Thunder Run!

  6. June

    Nice pics! Thanks for sharing, Alicia..

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