Carmel’s Buntocks

One of the first thing I noticed about Carmel is her buttocks! I am not a bunny pervert but her bum have quite a nice pattern to it. Her condition is superb and the white patterns on her body is immaculately white. She really looks like a bunny angel to me.

I just realized how much I miss posting photos of my bunnies. And I am sure everyone misses photos too. I am slowly coming out the of woods of being traumatized by the psychotic and hopefully my fellow bunny friends can help shield me from trouble.

Here’s Carmel:




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6 responses to “Carmel’s Buntocks

  1. lazybunnys

    ya lahh.. nice bum bum…

  2. furfurries

    Oh yeahh… Carmel… work that booty! 😀

  3. Lindsey

    AWE!! She has the cuttest bun bum I’ve ever seen!!!

  4. petepicure

    if my bottom were that attractive, i think my husband would allow a few more pets 🙂

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