Reliving 2007 HLRSC Nationals, Prescott Arizona

I got a pleasant surprise and also I must say one of the best Christmas presents that I have received today. I received a package from Carmel’s former owner and breeder. I was dumbfounded when I opened it. As we all know, Carmel is #1 Top Lop 2007. For those who doesn’t know what that means, she is the best Holland Lop in the entire United States (and also the world) in year 2007. And the best part is, she’s here with me right now.

A surprise!

Such a wonderful gift

The award title

Kay was so generous to share her with me and now, she even shared with me the award for Best of Variety (Broken). It is in a form of a plate with an image of a broken patterned Holland Lop etched unto it. I truly feel that I am now reliving the moment with Kay and Laureen back in year 2007. Click here for the 2007 HLRSC Nationals results that clearly shows that Carmel one the title when she was just an BJD (Broken Junior Doe – below 6 months!).

Carmel, she poses naturally all the time

I believe what I love most in this hobby is in the friendships that I made through these wonderful rabbits. They just bring people closer together and there is a lot of sharing going on as well.

This is so Carmel. She is a periscoping machine...

Thank you very much Kay for this wonderful gift. I am sure it is a piece that you hold close to your heart. I appreciate it a lot and I till treasure it for the rest of my life.


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  1. Carmel is really a photo-bunic!!

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