86th ARBA Convention & Show Best In Show (YOUTH)

A huge congratulations to Christina HALL and especially her daughter Aislin (the young WINNER) for obtaining Best In Show in Youth with their beautiful Solid Senior Doe, She Bangs!


The Winning Shot!


Handsome Judge, Gorgeous Bunny. BIS Judging!

Fellow Malaysians, please don’t get confused because there are many “Christina”s in the Holland Lop world and this is not the only one that you know! I mentioned just that you know! LOL!


Care's She Bangs

Now, that’s a WOW factor!

And HOLLAND Rules in Youth this year! YAY!

Please notice how this rabbit has got no “FLABS”. Sheer BONES!!!!

No double “chin chin” nor double dewlaps!



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2 responses to “86th ARBA Convention & Show Best In Show (YOUTH)

  1. Aislin Hall

    Thanks so much…Im glad to have won! She is a home-bred doe so Im SUPER happy!!!!

  2. lazybunnys

    hei.. the winner is in the house.. Congrat Aislin…

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