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Tru-Luv PeeGuard V2

I am in the midst of prototyping a new set of pee guard with stainless steel material which is much more sturdy and durable. It will cost me a bomb and I am starting to wander if it is going to be cost effective or not.

I need to learn where to get stainless steel sheets, cutting and lastly, bending them. Definitely can’t bend them like Beckham but in order for me to cut the cost, I must get all these done first.

Also, I just realized that I do not need to install the guard all around the cage. I can opt to just install at the corner where my rabbits has chosen as their toilets. This could help me reduce the cost as well since I can just make a bulk of generic pee guard with fixed measurement.

It would be a little messy with younger rabbits but I believe this solution will come in handy once the rabbit has established its corner.

I shall be posting photos of the new pee guard next Saturday and if all goes well, I shall be working on marketing it locally.

The new pee guard will come in pairs of 2 (12 inch long) pieces of stainless steel plates. I will no longer produce plates at various lengths as by having generic plates, I am able to cater for cages in different dimensions.


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