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Tridus & Tinga

I just received some photos of Tridus & Tinga from Daphie. Tridus has been recently neutered and now he’s housed together with Tinga. It is quite rare to find owners like Daphie who enjoys her rabbits as they are and takes the effort send Tridus for neutering. I have high regards for people with very clear objective and purpose for their pets. If they do not intend to breed, they will put their feet down and opt for neutering/spaying.

Unfortunately, I can’t say much for some people that I have came across in public forums and blogs, they always make me wonder if their libido/desire is much higher than their rabbits’. It is really sad to read about people that cannot even control their own lives trying to raise pets the correct way.

Oh well, I guess it’s better for them to learn the hard way. And with that said, let’s brighten our day with some photos shall we?


“You’re In My Basket!!!”


“What kinda DBF is this?”


“From the front!”


“Handsome BOY”


“The night before the neutering”


“Out from the OT”


“First sip of water”


“It’s still spinning mommy!”


“My first meal”


“This is Tridus not Skor!”

For a moment there the last photo really made me think it was Skor. Such a close replica and resemblance!

THANKS DAPHIE!!! Thank you for being such a great owner to these 2 buhnies! As I said, it is people like you that makes fighting for a good cause much more bearable and worthwhile.



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