Let Us All Be Good Stewards

Happy New Year again everyone! What a great year 2009 will be for us. I am sure it will be another interesting year for Tru-Luv Rabbitry. I hope it would be a good year for all of you too.

As this is the first “official” post to start off the new year, I would like to touch on the topic of being a good steward.

In order to relate to this topic I would like to mention some characters from my favorite trilogy movie – Lord Of The Rings. We were introduced to this character called Denethor somewhere in the second part of the trilogy. We all know that Denethor was the Steward of Gondor who mourns for the death of his elder son Boromir. He even went to great lengths to deny Faramir (his younger son) of his due rights as his son.

While mourning for his losses, Denethor failed to be a good steward to the people of Gondor.

We can all relate to this story very much. Our daily commitments and priorities sometimes hinder us from being a good steward. We are in our own special ways, stewards on earth. Although some of us may not have pets, we are in this case a steward of our own lives. So, what is needed of us to be a good steward?

God has so graciously blessed us with our lives first and foremost and that should be the main priority for us. We must first be good steward for ourselves. We must be able to manage ourselves well.

When we have pets, we must of course take charge and be good stewards especially in taking care of the daily needs of our pet.

Sometimes I never fail to feel that to a certain extend, we like to play God. This can clearly be seen when breeders make their decision to breed their rabbits, cull their rabbits and also judge their rabbits.

Just like Denethor, rabbits like Gondor, are given to us to be cared for and by being a bad steward to them, we can see how the condition of our rabbits deteriorate. Just like the White Tree of Gondor high above the city was dry and dead before the rightful heir reclaim the throne, our rabbit(s) will also deteriorate as time passes.

It is the same with any pet be it a dog, cat or rabbit. The more we shower them with love and care, the more they thrive to be very beautiful creatures. We should take pride in that if we have a beautiful pet that is full of confidence and shine. Yes, we can get our pets from the worst places but with gentle care and nurturing, they will blossom.

That being said, for me, it is very important that our pets have a very good headstart. It is always good to get pets from a very good environment to begin with for example a breeder that clearly shows that he/she cares for even the runt of the litter. Every single rabbit kit matters and each get their fair share of handling time.

There are many parts to a living creature. Outer beauty that shine from inner beauty is something not easily attainable. When we nurture a pet, we must be good stewards to both their physical and psychological aspects. Then only we will get a wholesome pet.

So what happens when we are bad stewards? Like Denethor, I believe there will be a self destruction of some kind. Remember him jumping off the cliff? No, that will not happen to us physically. There will be a death of “character”. We just kill that part of us that like pets. We stop keeping the pet for good. We put our pets up for adoption or we just make a quick exit by abandoning them. No matter what it is, we see death one way or another.

But let us walk down memory lane. What made us decide on making that decision to bring Fluffy or Bunny home? Is it because he/she is so cute? And our love for our new found pet quickly fades away as fast as how they grow out of their cuteness?

No matter what death it may be, the real heir to the things we are given to steward upon will return. Just like when Aragorn returns to his rightful throne, The White Tree of Gondor blossoms again!

As we are faced with the devastation and wrath climate change is bringing upon us, let us also ensure that we be good stewards of our environment. We start with ourselves. Let’s make a difference in this world. We start with 2009. We start in our homes.

We start from our HEART! We make this the starting MOMENT!



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2 responses to “Let Us All Be Good Stewards

  1. furrybutts

    Happy New Year to all of you!!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!! I love your blog and look forward to staying in contact with you!!

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