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A Very Dear Friend Called Karen

I just like to take some time today to write about this very special person that I so often missed mentioning on my blog. I met Karen of Little Criter Farm in one of the Holland Lop groups that I joined. Karen first posted the topic of table breeding while I was waiting for Holly Hope to accept Skor. I then sent a mail to Karen for details how table breeding works. She was so generous to explain in detail and that started off our friendship over cyberspace.

Karen hangs out with a group of Holland Lop breeders that subscribes to the motto “Fellowship, Friendship and Fun”.They breed for show but for them winning is just a bonus. I believe that is the right way it should be. While having fun showing, one should not get too carried away wanting to win badly.

There was a movie acted by John Candy. I was not sure if it was Cool Runnings or some other movie about a certain sport. If I remember correctly, John Candy cheated to stay on top of his game because the devil of winning got the best of him. I observed that in life, we’re always being caught up with situation like these. We sometimes cannot accept not being on top when we have been there all these while.

Losing some is good to knock us off our comfort zone and start working hard again.

Since life is too short, why not just enjoy the ride? And while we’re enjoying the ride, why not enjoy it with friends with the same interests?

I cherish friendships very much and for now, the best friendships made for me are friendships made in Holland Lops.

Karen, if you’re reading this, just wanted to say that you’re such a precious friend. Thank you so much for being yourself. Love you and God bless!



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