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Holly Hope’s Litter: Day 0

Just within a few hours we have our first casualty and it is not the peanut. The peanut is still holding on and seemed to be quite warm. I put my hand into the nest box at 11 pm and felt a cold kit. To my horror, it was the other “thriving” broken chocolate kit.

The notion that I will only be left with another broken black seemed to be a reality that I must accept. It is not meant to be that we start this year off having chocolates.

But this litter of kits define a lot of things for me. Under our Malaysian weather, a buck can be near sterile judging from the number of kits I am getting with 2 matings. And most importantly, Skor is indeed a chocolate carrier.

If any of the kits survives this time, it would consider a bonus. Maybe this broken black is the buck I need to replace Skor? I hope so as it is also a chocolate carrier!

Tru-Luv Choco-Cream, binky free little one….



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Tails From Meadow Haven: Holly Hope’s Kindling

“Momma! I feel like bursting!”

“Don’t you worry about a thin, Momma’s next to you”

“Momma! There’s someone standing in front of my cage!”

“Don’t you worry dear, that’s master’s daddy! He’s a very seasoned midwife, if you can’t push any of the little ones out, he will help ya pull em out”

“What! That’s yucky momma”

Approximately at 1.30 pm

“Momma! I am feeling this funny sensation coming from my stomach!”

“It is really near now my dear. Now, now, listen to momma. Go pick up some hay and lay them in that box master gave you. And, slowly pull some fur from your dewlap now”

“Momma, pulling fur’s gonna hurt, I am feeling the pain already!”

“Don’t worry dear, the pain from your stomach will numb you from the fur pulling”

“Whatever you say momma, I still don’t like this old man standing in front of my cage”

“Don’t bother him my dear, just pull yourself together for the great push”

“Momma! I feel something coming out!”

“Alright now, remember you told me master brought you watching the big light? Remember you told me how this guy in white shirt and black shirt squating while punching in the air?”

“Yes momma, it was some guy called Brush Lean (Bruce Lee?). He was preparing to fight this man called Zhuck Snorris”

“Whatever the name dear, remember you’re gonna kindle like right now? Yeah, whatever move he was doing, just do that now”

“Alright. ErrrggghHhhhhh”


“One, momma”


“Two, momma”


“Three, momma and he is still watching me!”


“Yuck momma! What’s this?”

“Oh that’s some left overs. Just gobble em up and be done with it. Be sure to clean the little ones when you’re done”

“Momma, they are so rubbery”

“Oh just eat it will ya, you don’t want master to have so much cleaning up to you”


Hi everyone, we have got 3 broken kits. 1 is a peanut with very nice chocolate shading (I think). Still need a day or two to figure out their color. There are 2 kits that are in good shape. One of them darker than the other. I sure hope they are chocolates. Nonetheless, I am very proud of Holly Hope. Not too bad at all for 1st timer! Another gem.

I know, I know, PHOTOS!

This is how the war zone looked like:


A bunch of fur:


My bundle of joy being heated up. They were squeking like mad when I found them. Must be really cold







Amidst the joy of a new litter there is always a little shade of sadness. Yes, peanuts. We could be happier with less of them. The deadly double dwarf gene is always a heart wrenching outcome to behold. If you notice, it is hard to identify where the ears are. My hope is for it to survive but we all know too well what will the outcome be.


The lady of the day, Holly Hope!


Dinner Time!


Special Thanks to everyone for their prayers especially Lindsey, Kak Azian, SB, Daphie, Nerq & Darma.


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Special Update: Holly Hope Day 31 (Due)



1.30 pm: Delivered. Most probably 3 babies!

No details yet but thank you ALL for PRAYERS!!!

Wanna thank my dad for helping me out so much!

According to him Hope inherited Noobie’s good mother instinct. All squeky CLEAN!!!!

Watch out for PHOTOS!!!!

10.30 am : No actions

Original Post

As at 6.30 am, there were no sign of actions and I left for work at 6.45 am. I’ve got someone to come over to look after her and update me at work.

Talking about remote support. LOL.

She is lying on her side all the time now and you could just see the huge buldge on her. Praying hard that she does well. I am very anxious and excited at the same time. Quite disappointed that I can’t take the day off to witness her first litter.

We shall see how it goes and if all goes well, we might be seeing pinkies tonight!


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