Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 6: Back By Popular Demand

“WoaaaaAaaAHhhHhh….I am floating in the air!!!”

“What’s happening, BlueBerry?”

“I don’t know, the tentacles took a chunk of my back and another is still holding on to my butt!”


“Are you alright?”

“Hello….are you there?”

“I am feeling a little dazed…”

“You got tranced! I can see you right there”

“What’s happening to BlueBerry, Skor?”

“Master’s using his tentacles and some weird tools. Let me figure out what’s written on the tools”

“Tools? Like a heavy metal head?”

“No, this one looks more like a shiny tentacle and it has got Fur…..Mee….Later written on it”

“Did I hear fur? What is master doing to BlueBerry’s fur? I heard in The Stories of Old told by my moomy that our ancestors were always lined up to meet The Soul Extractor. She said that our ancestors will pass through this little gateway and the moment they reach the gate way….erm….”

“What happens next mommy? What happened to them?”

“I am not too sure if there was a gateway or not. I am sorry, I don’t think anyone knows what happens after that. This story was told by a lucky rabbit that did the almost impossible by escaping the gateway”

“Hey, BlueBerry’s losing loads of fur!”

“And I thought it said fur me later?”

“WoahhHHhhhhHhh. Here it goes again. Wonder why the tentacles like touching my butt like this”

“BlueBerry, master collected some of your fur just now while you were tranced”

“Argh! I have been waiting for those fur on my butt to get bushy actually. Now it is not as bushy as before”

“You do not need a bushy butt, BlueBerry…”

“I sure need one to shield me from Skor”


“Hey babe, I am the great stud of Meadow Haven”

“My dear, I am keeping my options open but I must say we make good kits don’t we?”



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4 responses to “Tails From Meadow Haven Chapter 6: Back By Popular Demand

  1. azian9100

    hahahaha…. so funny.

  2. darma

    Lol.. hahah So funny..

  3. tania

    XD fur me later, aligator!

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