Honey Song A Buhny Love to Hate Part II!

It has been daily flirting with Holly Hope and Skor. Now another song that I hate can’t stop playing over and over again on my mind.

“Sometimes I run, Sometimes I hide, Sometimes I’m scared of you….”

Yeah, Hope seemed to allow Skor to mount her, but she runs away after a while….


I wish some cool bumpin’ and grindin’ R&B/Hip Hop music plays on my mind because I want Skor to get this BOOTY covered!



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3 responses to “Honey Song A Buhny Love to Hate Part II!

  1. azian9100

    Since this Hope.. Is Miss Britney Fan… even this little bunny not even know who is this Britney is…so change the song to this….

    ” HIT me BAby one MOre Time…”

  2. tania

    Haha why are all the songs that play in your head Britney Spears songs? XD

    Perhaps when skor turns into a true pimp, you’ll have that ‘womanizer’ song playing everytime he gets his job done XD.

  3. LOL! I hope she’ll take to Skor soon, the litter will almost be a january litter!:-P

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