Noobie’s Update 4: No kits for Christmas

Expectations has been too high I guess. I am a little disappointed on Christmas eve. Noobie has not kindled and I believe she do not have kits in her. Today’s day 32 and her stomach has flattened out.

There are so many possibilities namely reabsorption, she was too heavy to conceive and false pregnancy.

My concern is not having a foster doe when I need one. She is suppose to be my foster doe when Holly Hope delivers. So now my risk is even greater.

Really need some graces here.

It will be a quiet Christmas in Meadow Haven after all…



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5 responses to “Noobie’s Update 4: No kits for Christmas

  1. J o K e

    mate…have a little faith…that’s what christmas is all about….

    • LOL…there is a thin line between having faith and over optimism. The fact is, she is not having any kits for now. Nothing can change that fact and I am not taking it against her. I love all my rabbits all the same with kits or without. Merry Christmas to all!

  2. tania

    i’m so sorry to hear that. i was hoping you’ll have yourselves some wonderful choolate kits tooo! let’s hope holly hope can be a good first time mom and won’t disappoint… (:

  3. darma

    Dear sangterap, I feel sad for you =(..
    Hope there is miracle happen on this Christmas eve…=)

  4. Awe, Tim I’m sorry to hear this. Lets look forward to the 12th, it will be here before we know it! 🙂

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