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Judging the quality of young rabbits

I have written on the topic of culling before and I just felt that it is appropriate for me to elaborate further.

Some breeders shared with me that they normally cull their rabbits after 4 months. But on the other hand, some may be able to tell me if my 6 to 8 weeks old kit is of show quality or not.

So how do we know exactly and at what age?

I always begin with looking for some traits. Comparing the breed standard to the rabbit in question is normally what I will do if I need to cull early. I always have a mental note of the breed standards and when I look at the kit, I will try to find as many faults as I can. But I cannot be absolutely sure at such a tender age of 6 or 8 weeks that my young rabbit may turn out ugly or pretty at maturity age.

That is when my gut feelings come in handy. LOL. There is something call prediction and rough estimation. I need to do that most of the time. And I am lucky that they are quite accurate so far. LOL. I think that is because I do not have much choice to begin with. LOL.

P.S.: Cull does not mean kill. It means getting the rabbit out of breeding program or to be sold as pets for me.


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