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Latara’s house warming

The new shelving units are 6 to 12 holes convertibles. I just need to raise the center panel of the cages to divide the 2 cages at each level. Since I have only have 5 of them at the moment, I will make use of all doubled units. The middle level cages are reserved for NURSERY. LOL.

I decided to send Latara over to her new hotel and turned out, she was delighted. She is the first living creature living in the new home now:

As expected, I did not stop to take photos of the entire process. Here are some photos of the completed shelf. 3 levels with kindling room in the middle with enforced fencing to keep little blind kits from falling off. Bottom room is for buck that may spray. I have to give props to Down The Rabbit Hole for giving me the inspiration for the waste management.

The second level specially for kindling doe:

Bottom level for buck that may spray:

The waste system piping:

The poops collection basket. To be collected daily and used as fertilizers around the neighborhood:


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Problem with comments?

A friend informed me that she was unable to post comments on this blog. Was wondering if anyone else can confirm that? I know you cannot post a reply here if you are facing problem commenting so I would appreciate it if you can just drop me a mail at truluvrabbitry@gmail.com. Thanks! Really appreciate it.


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