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Let’s put a stop to hatred

Hey people,

I was actually running out of things to write but I suddenly felt the urge to take a peek on that little girl’s blog that has some issues with me a couple of days back. And walla! I found something to blog about.

Thank you all for making this happen. It is so sad to have this little girl thinking that I requested people to spam her BLOG. She had to remove her chat box too. I am not flattered in any way because I did not intend for this to happen. I just wanted my photos removed. But I guess many people do not enjoy her blog at all, they rather “spam” it on my behalf.

Well little girl, what I can only say is that “YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED”. All those name callings are totally uncalled for.

Well, just want to thank all of you firm believers in responsible pet ownership and being good rabbit owners. Thank you all for leaving so many nasty comments till the point she had to remove her chat box. I believe that it was not for ME that you guys wrote those comments but the reason was that all of you are matured enough to see through the situation and identify the right from the wrong.

It is very obvious that I DID NOT ask for any “reinforcements” which this little girl failed to see and I have to admit, I did not bother to place any comments on her chat box. What I did was just commenting on her blog which she removed in attempt to clear her name. My comment on her blog was just a request for her to remove my photos, that’s all. I seriously have better things to do than to waste my time on a 20 year old kid that has no manners.

Here’s another link for everyone to ENJOY:


P.S.: I seriously do not know why she wants my phone number so badly coz I do not even want to be associated with her. LOL….


The moral of the story is, there are too many sincere animal lovers out there (that should not be taken as FOOLS)! I could really feel everyone of your presence here.


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