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Cute photos

I went through my rabbit photos collection and found some nice photos that I thought worth sharing:

The Rabbit Hill’s BlueBerry:

The Rabbit Hill’s Noobie:

Tru-Luv’s Latara

The Rabbit Hill’s Skor:

Here’s the day by day development of The Rabbit Hill’s Holly Hope:

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I do not know if it is me or the entire herd is feeling pretty bored at the moment. My gut feeling tells me that they somehow know and anticipate the move. I hope that the stress level will be kept as low as possible during the move. But we cannot guarantee that. Good thing it is just 20 minutes drive and that would be in another 2 weeks time if everything moves along accordingly.

It has been raining all evenings for the past 2 days and I truly understand how bored they are not being able to go out for a little run.

The wait is also taking a toll on me personally because we did not expect it to be so long. Good thing is that, the renovation has started and by the look of things, everything is moving along pretty fast too.

I need to plan out the movement of the herd because I would need to use their existing cages on the shelves. So I need a makeshift cage to house each rabbit as I build the shelves from ground up.

I will post photos of the entire process as that would be interesting. There has been a few inquiries for the instructions to build the shelving unit in my previous post. I guess, photos are much better in showing than word can describe.

I have been so tied up at work and I seriously need a little break. I will break if I do not. Need to cheer myself up and look beyond the negativity of life. The recent petrol hike is making everyone nervous and sad. I can feel the negative vibe all around me.

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