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A place called Rainbow Bridge

Every now and then we hear grave news that one of our friends has lost a pet they hold close at heart. And we always wonder where do our pets go when their lives end here on earth. Many religions and beliefs do not believe Heaven is a place for animals – only humans go to heaven. Some say that animals do not have souls like humans do. So where does our pet’s soul go to when they die?

As an animal lover myself, I believe in a place where they call Rainbow Bridge. It is a beautiful place filled with meadows and the most wonderful things for animals that has left earth. It give great comfort to know that they do have a place to go after death.

I just read that a fellow forum member’s rabbit passed away after 8 years. For all of us it is the saddest news. 8 years of friendship is definitely hard to forget. So what can we do to console ourselves? I believe we lean on each other for comfort and consolation.

My deepest heartfelt condolences goes to Proudfoot’s owner with the nick djspinnet on LYN.

And for everyone that has lost their rabbits, I pray that God will lead you out of sorrow and heal your broken hearts. May you not give up this wonderful hobby that gives more hope and joy.

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Litter Trays

Litter trays has been the best rabbit accessory for me. It is just so amazing how fast rabbits can pick up the habit of using them. I am using this triangular litter tray and I must say that they are serving me pretty well.

The only problem is that, I need to change them on a daily basis if the litter material that I am using has low absorbency. That is exactly what I am facing at the moment. I wanted to get a pack of Woody Pet Pellets but I was not too convince with the quality of the last packet so I opted for some other bedding. This bedding can’t suck up as much compared to Woody Pet.

I spend almost 2 hours daily cleaning up after the rabbit and that is really taking a toll on me. I just need to go through this for another 1 week and thereafter, it would be less hassle – I hope.

It is about time I started to take photos of my rabbits on a daily basis instead of cleaning after them. Yes, I want more time with the rabbit and not with their “by-products”.

I am really tired now. Just came back from a wedding dinner. TIRING!

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