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Off To A Bad Start

I was going through my baby rabbits photo collections to pick the best photo to use as my Facebook profile picture. I stumbled across the picture I took of Little Moo and her litter mates.

It made me realize that throughout these few months, I was unable to keep those bunnies I really liked. When the next litter comes around, I should just keep my mouth shut and only pick those I intend to keep when they are 8 weeks old. I just hope I would have better luck from the next litter onwards.

Here is the cute picture of Little Moo and her litter mates (isn’t she cute?):

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Life goes on…

It is kind of quiet without Little Miracle. No early morning feedings and warming up to do. I feel a little awkward at times. But I have some other pressing issues that bugs me to death.

First of all, I am preparing for Noob to kindle. It has been really frustrating. I could feel kicks in her tummy but the kits are not emerging anytime soon. And she soiled her nest box again today for the 3rd time since I placed the nest box in.

Another issue is with Noob’s damp vent area. I would need to get some powder to dry it up and give it a good clean. I sure hope that it is not Urinary Tract Infection as that would be a long term problem. I could not afford to cull any of my foundation buns as I do not have many choices.

I hope by drying up the vent area she would be more comfortable and it would not bug me anymore. I hate to be faced with issues when it comes to my rabbits. One after another problem and it is taking a toll on my patience. LOL.

But, life goes on…

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